Friday, March 26, 2010



Three months later and not even a peep.

You know when your mind is full of things you want to write about and
you realize that sometimes some things are better left unsaid.

That is where I am. However, things are looking up (really!). I have
committed myself to something in public and have been made accountable. That always helps. Perhaps it is true - I'm usually much better under pressure.

I have been reading a lot these days about breaking out/changing things and making things happen. Most of this is not siss boom rah kind of reading, but how to starting making those changes. I think most of us are happy being miserable, or if not miserable, complacent. Content to keep on putting up with stuff that you wouldn't wish on your best friend but have no energy to fight.

No, its not always you, but it could be partially you. That my dear, is a hard thing to swallow.

In any respect, I'm here. Follow me tweet. I am moving on and as usual, a moving target.

nm hitting the save key to save my own life