Tuesday, September 12, 2006

for my 366th post

Anemone, September 2006.

I will say not much of anything. I am tired (I say that alot), stressed (that too), and moderately under/overworked (over somedays and bored to death others). I leave for a ten day road trip with TH this week and even though life is basically on an even keel, I feel like its tottering.

My family is scattered this month. My parents are vacationing in London and Turkey, my brother in the midwest and then to Canada for the week, others are leaving for Italy (insert jealous sigh), Mexico and Alaska and my dog is with his sister destroying blueberry bushes.

I am the luckiest girl in the world.

I just need to chill.

Don't you think?



Anonymous said...

Dear Donna Fargo (Happiest Girl in the Whole USA):

I did read your blog and now I am in the loop. And I can bask in the glow of your happiness. A friend back in philly once told me to shut-up and quit whining about my job since he spent all his time on a ladder scraping paint, regardless of the heat/humidity or the freezing cold. It hasn't stopped me, but I've definitely slowed down. I hope you two have lots of fun on your trip and that you are not driving an old Volvo to do it. I have this memory of you and a major Volvo breakdown roadtrip -- wasn't it West Virginia? xoxoxo mt. rainier

ps. the gis is still not working - whine.

nm said...

ashland, ky and it was the truck.

oy, the memories. Oy, the nightmare.

I don't think I can do anything with your files until the 24th. However, send them to me at work, zipped.


Anonymous said...

ooh. a breakdown story. We want to hear that.