Friday, April 04, 2008

Dear spring

Please return. We miss you.
The ppatch is plowed and staked for the short season. Rhubarb, broccoli and leeks are all looking good in the year round garden. However hail, fits of rain, leaden skies don't have me leaping for my frog boots and felcos.

This time of year usually has me itching to not come inside until dusk, this evening the dog turned right back in after hearing the lashings of rain and is currently curled up underneath the duvet.

People, it is 8pm.

Spring, return to me.


1 comment:

Mony said...

and everyone is going to have a long 'winter's nap' except it will be a sleep induced by
1) pollen
2) exercise
3) Morpheus
sleep well, sweets