Thursday, July 17, 2008

lost and found

nano the bear

Lost one small Parisian (2") bear by the name of Nano. Last seen with irresponsible me.

Found under the seat of my colleagues rental car.

Its been a long week of meetings with many positive outcomes for our continuing work. I even managed to get in a few walks while discussing stovepiping/collaborating/data exchange and water levels.

I really didn't take any pictures, there just wasn't the time. I can tell you that every year I end up in Boulder for at least a few days and every year it keeps on changing. I'm not saying its for the best, it just is.

I will miss the Boulder creek path, but I'm sure I'll be back soon enough.

Tomorrow TH and I are running away to Canada for three days of music, some decent grub, some walking for me and serious amounts of sunscreen.

I can't wait.

Nano is staying home.

nm found not lost


Mony said...

Glad you have surfaced, even if it's to let us know you're leaving again!
Have fun at the festival.

Anonymous said...

Oh THANK THE GODDESSES - Nano is home ... Hmmmmmmmm ... does Nano have a cousin that would be strong enough to join the Bears of Casa della Torre? Nano is pretty damn cute! Madeleine & Davide

Anonymous said...

Nano is *so* grounded. Until he is about 99.

Or at least required to ask us along when he heads out for an adventure.

Silly bear.