Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My mom bought a laptop a few weeks ago. It sat and sat until someone had the time to show her how to use it.

Until last week, my mom had never touched a computer.

Now she has mail.

She's a quick learn as long as you are a patient teacher.

TH is much more patient than I.

The strangest thing I have ever seen is my mom in the glow of a laptop screen.

The most amazing thing is that she writes just as if she was talking to you.

Now she is no longer dependent on my dad to see pictures of her great grand niece, Ernest, other friends' kids and little snippets of jokes from friends 1000's of miles away.

I don't see her getting on facebook anytime soon, but I like the fact she took it in her own hands to learn.

My mom, she's a pistol.


Mony said...

I need one more friend on myspace. That would make ten...

Z said...

I'll be your friend Mony :)

jk said...

yay, i like it when my friends become friends. I have never made a little home on myspace, because i've never found the right alias! (funny, considering how many I have)

And congrats to your mom! Did she get a mac?

Mony said...

hey, come one come all--maybe this will force me to get it cleaned up, or at least to check in on it once in a while.

JK, if I find out any more of your aliases I am going to start to think you're working for a government agency, NOT the VOA.

I am very proud of your mom, btw.
She's going to really enjoy her laptop.