Thursday, September 11, 2008

Is it me?

Am I the only one who wretches everytime I see Sarah Palin on TV?

Okay, I don't really watch tv, but I did just see her on the cover of TIME.

I wonder if she's ever read it?

From Courtney -- I may just have to rent the Bourne series now.

Does every middle American soccer mom sit there at the Starbucks over their skinny non fat no whip vanilla latte and dream of being president some day? I know that I maybe be a little left of center, but nothing recently has really ticked me off as this.

Do you realize that my dad could be McCain and I could be Palin?

Hey dad, can I have the keys to AirForce One?

nm back on track


Mony said...

Unfortunately I am surrounded by Palinites here in The South, USA. That is why I boycott the suburban YMCAs, the Steeplechase and the country club. I am considering moving. As in out of state.

You must BUY the Bourne series, for reasons on many different levels.

Z said...

Walking into the grocery store is like walking into a Palin boutique. I don't know what I'll do if they win but I am starting to really feel like it's over.