Wednesday, November 19, 2008

i need to take some more pictures
Today in my first meeting of the day we were talking about social networking application in relation to projects that my organization uses for public outreach. Not only blogs, but facebook, youtube and twitter. Imagine -- updating your twitter to tell your constituent/data users that there is a new cruise's worth of bottle data available for their viewing or that you have updated the most recent model runs with last year's climatologies reanalyzed the way a MBA massaged the derivative markets in the last five years.

In some cases, I'm seeing amazing uses for some of these outlets. As long as you don't get sucked into them as a vortex that causes you amnesia and makes you forget why you started looking on the tubes of the internets in the first place. My guess is not to search the latest site for some library or API you might need to make the widget work better. ;)

Sending a text message about an update to a forecast might get more attention than the 100th reply all that is sent to a large newsgroup that should have just been addressed to the original poster. Linking with someone on and then recommending some connection who might have skills you need is also useful. I'm not a big facebook fan, but I'm sure there must be some reason that you would have a facebook page featuring marine protected areas, but I'm not sure quite why.

Hey, these days nothing shocks me.

signing off the tubes, they are filling with smoke as we speak.



Anonymous said...

as an antidote to your very interesting ramblings about the current state of communication venues - did you make that chocolate decadence - and if so I need recipe and if not I need the source - oh yum and then yum again and thank you.

Mony said...

heh heh
should I ever get anything of the sort, on my yet un-purchased blackberry, I would think it was the queen of spam.
I am just dumb and suspicious that way.

So, are you cooking already?

Anonymous said...

LLBean Book of New New England Cookery.
Judith and Evan Jones

No, that is not a typo in the title.

Cake and frosting recipes are both in the book.