Friday, April 09, 2010

Not so pink

I have been doing some pretty deep thinking these days about the direction of where I want my writing and blog to go. I apologize to all who have come here (the three of you) in hopes of something deep or meaningful.

It hasn't been here, nor has it been something I want to share with the world.

I have been working on finding a purpose to what I am doing with updating the world. No one really cares what I think about Jon and Kate, nor the state of the government. My best comments and side conversations come from folks who enjoy my stories about food, travel, family and cooking.

To that end, we start over.

I'm moving the contents of this opus to a new site - tagging those posts that I feel relevant and share with you the skeleton of something I believe will make good reading and teach you a few things.

Here I will share what as I learn how to cook Persian food and learn a few things about my family - who were were, how we got here and where we are now. You will meet my mother, watch me learn to boil water for rice (really) and hopefully come back over and over again.

Remember, this is a work in progress, some things don't work yet. I had fully intended to spend every day in the past few months working on this - but time was not on my side.

So, be gentle. Helpful criticism would be appreciated.

Thanks to those who listened to me and made helpful suggestions - Viv, Keren, Beth and Carol and TH have been so supportive.

You rock.


bikhaab said...

ُThis is kind of interesting:

I saw EASY SHOPPE SEATTLE WA on my credit balance. I had forgotten what the hell was this. I googled it. I found it! Damn it! I just didn't know the name! I love that store! The guy who works there is a coll one.

Just out of curiosity, I clicked on one of the links, which was, I saw three reviews, and one of them was sweet. I took a look to see who has written that. And, the name was Iranian. I clicked on the name. I found out you favorite meal is Dolmeh! God! I so miss my mom's dolmeh too.

Hmm. I don't know! I just like these random friendships. You get friend with someone out of nowhere...And you have something in common! Both of you like your mother's Dolmeh!

yeshanbe asr haaye injaa mese jome shabaaye iran deltang adam delesh par mikeshe vaase oonjaa.

Khosh bashi and I hope I'll see you some day!

P.S: Did you work on Tidal currents for your grad school? Are you kidding me??? Andrea Ogston is my co-supervisor!!! I guess you should know her. Wow!

Mony said...

I am with you.

jk said...

me, too. I don't care what you write about...just be you!

Delishhh said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and got caught reading and couldn't stop. Keep it up!