Monday, November 03, 2014

How to dress for success or how to dress yourself successfully

A room with a view, Hyatt Etoile, July 2014.

My life has taken some turns - mostly good.

I have started to dress like a grown-up. Maybe its that I finally feel like I can buy clothes that suit me. It might just be that I work right next to the Nordstrom shoe buyers and I feel like I have to up my game.
Whatever it is, it takes a little more effort that it did before to get out the door and that takes some planning.

I'm going on an eight day trip soon that involves air travel and a bit of driving. I have a short work presentation to a bunch of friendly colleagues who are more casual and then to Paris where I want to look nice and be comfortable. I'm not into wardrobe changes per se, but I could definitely get out of my rut and try a few things.

In my new found love of retail I have learned a few things that I would love to share with you. Here they are.

Always shop for clothes on an empty stomach - you'll look better.

If you can't take someone you trust with you when you go shopping  make sure you model what you bought for them before you rip off the tags.

Try and sit down and cross your legs, bend over, stretch your arms up in your new garments on a full stomach before you rip off any tags.

Cut those tags off, do not rip them.

Always save the receipt and the buttons that come with whatever you bought. You'll need them one day.

Oh, I hate Pinterest, but here is a board that shows you just what I'm thinking of taking.

Do tell me what you think.



Mari Adams said...

1456i think it sounds like alot of work to impress people I don't care about. Nordstrom closed their cust service desk and I remain in a snit about it. I order online and pick up/try on in the store. well, I used to. Now they want me to go to a sales person on the floor. If I wanted to interact with a sales person I would not order online. stupid Nordstrom - even Bed Bath and Beyond has a customer service online order pick up desk. And bricks and mortar shops worry and wonder why we all shop amazon. BECAUSE THEY MAKE IT EASY.

Nazila Merati said...

@mari - true, I hate the fact I have to go to the concierge desk or purse department to pick something up. I hate more that I have to pay for something in order to put it on hold. That can get mighty expensive mighty fast.

However, they do have cute stuff that I can't find on line. I do need to look further afield than Banana and Nordstrom.

I am looking for the perfect sylist and have yet to find one. Do you have someone you like?

kairu said...

I love all of it and I would love to go shopping with you, although I do all of my shopping online now. I am good at perching on a stool in the dressing room and saying "BUY THIS RIGHT NOW" or in some cases "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NOoooo." I, too, hate the end of the Nordstrom customer service desk. That was silly.

I tried, I really did try, to look chic(ish) in London and NYC but at the end of the day I threw up my hands and threw on my Patagonia rain jacket and my Uniqlo down jacket over my usual jeans...

Nazila Merati said...

@kairu - I would go with you in a hearbeat. Awesome. I am considering buying some jeans at Uniqlo this week and having them hemmed right there. Have you done that?

kairu said...

No, I haven't, because I only ever buy Uniqlo online. I buy the "cropped" jeans and roll up the hems like a heathen.

If I had more money I would do all my shopping at Totokaelo. Their eye is amazing. You can order online and it arrives, for free, via Fedex in about 24 hrs (because they are in Seattle) but I like to stop in and see a friend who works in the mens department downstairs. Otherwise everything I own is Uniqlo or Everlane, currently.