Wednesday, March 07, 2007

the fourth day of MYR

Tomorrow, I am getting a car. I am going to take Miss Mony's suggestions and going to Brookgreen. I don't have my camera, but it'll be nice anyways.

There is a reason they hold meetings like this in places like this. You are trapped- free breakfast, hosted lunches and free happy hour. You have no reason to leave, you must spend the whole four days socializing with your peers. So much fun!

I still haven't figured out how I'm going to get a Waffle house mug.

I left the luau right after brick house.



Mony said...

go, girl

Mony said...

If you get to go souther than brookgreen, go a little past Litchfield beach, and I think before Pawley's Island beach. On the east side of Hwy 17, look for a shop called Surf the Earth.
Go shoppin', girl. Hats, reefs, etc...

jk said...

yay! have fun. Trust Mony on these things!