Thursday, March 15, 2007

No, I am not premenstrual

Dogtooth violets, March 2007, Seattle.

Today Seattle vexed me. I have lived here 38 plus years and sometimes I just can't get over how much people find the mundane things about Seattle to be so freaking charming- traffic, cupcakes, cookware stores and little soap boutiques. I think these noobs as I will categorize them just can't realize that while Seattle tries hard, it isn't New York, so just give it up.

Parking downtown, the lack of affordable housing and the 16 dollar pizza will be the downfall of the city. It could also be the proliferation of the three dollar cupcake, but I'll leave that for the economic analysts to sort out.

In a perfect Seattle world or the one that the city, the blawgs and the chamber of commerce portrays life goes like this... Lets all take the bus or the streetcar to work, unless we can walk or rollerblade. We all want to live in the now artificially created South Lake Union neighborhood ( genetically engineered for only 750,000 to start) and buy everything from expensive boutiques. Heaven help you if you need a pair of of less than 10 dollar underwear or buttermilk after 10 pm or a pad of legal paper in case you have a thought that does not require a computer.

Then again, look at me, I am guilty of some of these things I detest. I got a sixty dollar haircut and two 16 dollar pizzas downtown and then fought traffic for 30 minutes just to get home, because some asshats on Eastlake don't abide by the no parking between 4-6 pm signs. Fuckers, I hope your side view mirrors get taken off by busses. Yes, busses, the bane of my existence in the District and downtown.

Enough of that.

I sometimes long for the pre-development up the ying yang, pre-Nickels, pre-Vulcan Seattle, the one I grew up in and the one I wish to god would return.

I know its gone, I just wish I could have enjoyed it more.



Mony said...

May I borrow 'asshats' for my next rant?

nm said...

But of course!

Seriously, does Nashville depress you like this?

Mony said...

I am a recluse, mean when I am forced to go to a mall or have contact with anyone that appears to be taking the good life for granted.

I have almost daily rants but usually am able to contain it so that only my immediate family know how seriously disturbed I am.

I tend to go off on unsuspecting civil servants, and am incredibly nice to those in the service sector.

Asshats is an improvement of my favorite 'butthead'.

jk said...

hee hee hee. I'm forcing Mony to go out and play in nashville. she's a wonderful tour guide, too.

zengull said...

I temporarily left and now have no desire to return. I miss you, but I don't think I could daily exist in Seattle again. The boy moves back in two days. I will miss him more.

nm said...

Tell the boy to come see his nm if you needs anything.


You too.