Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cherry blossoms, Rainier on the five way, April 2007.

We've recovered from Easter. I have found only one egg in the garden. I am impressed. Good job hunters. We missed some of you, next year, there may be an night time hunt.

Right now, I am just overwhelmed by the tax year (oy!), traveling next week and my half marathon on Sunday.

The weather is divine and all I can think of is playing in the dirt.

It is going to have to wait until next Saturday the way the week is shaping up.



Mony said...

You mean to garden the day before you 'run' a half marathon??
NO! please!

Z said...

OOOOhhhh! Glow in the DARK eggs!!!! Oh YEAH! I would fly for that!

nm said...

walk, not run.

walk for maybe october, but not before that.


Mony said...

Walking a half marathon is no small feat (no pun intended).
Bending down is a huge deal for me lately!