Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just in time for my trip in eleven days

Dollar hits all time low against the Euro.

Recession, there is no freaking recession. Weak dollar good! Allows more of the US to be bought!


We have been really good about hedging funds for the last few trips. I may be paying for my now 7 dollar cafe creme using euros I bought at 1.41 this summer. Really.

It was fun while it lasted (sniff).

nm who now has to up her ATM limit just to take 200 euros out


Mony said...

Not a good time to go to France.

nm said...

I am hoping to pick up a few Bruni/Sarkozy commemorative tea towels cheap.

Best fashion purchase of the year -- 19 euro coat from Tati.

Best shoe purchase of the year - ballerina flats from a store off a canal st. martin 19 euros.

I'm hoping to pick up two more bargains and that is it!

Damn, there is no Tati next to the Park Hyatt.

Mony said...

I'll look Tati up.

I cherish my Princess Diana/Prince Charles Wedding commemorative towel. We use it in JMB's very precise manufacture of the vodka martini, to smash ice into crystals with the meat pounder.