Wednesday, February 20, 2008

no brainers/non starters

incredibly purple
You know those things that make it easy to say yay or nay to something -- people you date, places you go, people you hang with. Intravenous drug use, excessive gambling, three simultaneous relationships and bad family vibes would be non starters/no brainers in the relationship arena in case you are wondering.

Consider this internets -- no brainers when you were to go looking for a house and the garden you will spend the next 20 years cultivating.

any sign of bamboo in the garden -- run screaming, you will never rid yourself of it
clay soil --I weep when I garden in Berkeley
neighbors with outdoor speakers and/or a conversation fire pit

Luckily, I am really only dealing with the first issue. We are lucky enough to have a neighbor who never uses his back yard and his "firepit" and when he moves, we'll be pickaxing it out.

I hate bamboo.

I'm not avoiding you all, just really have nothing to say these days. V. busy with work, gardening and planning the number of one star restaurants one can eat in five days in Provence.

So far, we're up to two, I believe three is the limit.

nm sorting the bamboo from the bamboozled


Jennifer said...

Ugh... I had to dig out all the clay soil in my old house and have new clean soil brought in. And my mom battled bamboo at her last home - really, how can people do that?!

My only yard/garden nemesis right now is the huge inoperable hot tub in a big decking structure that makes no geographic sense. If I wanted a hot tub, that is NOT where I'd put it... and so I'll probably be having it hauled out!

Z said... hit two things we have here. Well, at least my neighbor does. We have red clay (ick) and she has bamboo in it. Mainly to suck up the water from the underground stream but still.

I am just checking in on you. I am worried about you.

Mony said...

Cracked me up.
Got clay. I can dig a hole, fill it with water, and it is full three weeks later.
No bamboo but we do have at least four of the forty most invasive southern vines (yes, there is a list!). I am thinking of espaliering them instead of fighting them. Honest.

We do have a firepit, pronounced here 'farpit'...we use it to hang outside with the dog when it's freezing, and to annoy the millionaire neighbors whose towering house has eliminated all backyard privacy we once enjoyed.