Friday, March 28, 2008

the syndrome

For the last few years I have been plagued with I thought was hip pain. Seriously. Bad stuff for
someone so young. Massage, acupuncture, PT, xrays, brain examination has come back with various and sundry types of explanations, but still, this nagging pain and discomfort. Oddly activity helps, being sedentary makes it worse.

The last few months it has really gotten to be a drag. I finally dragged my arse into the orthopedist who poked and prodded me and declared me to be a healthy person without any sort of spine, hip, lumbar issues and was flummoxed as to what was wrong with me, because it wasn't something she could fix. I guess this is good in that all fingers, toes, symmetry kind of way. I mentioned something my massage therapist had said and she check that out. Voila -- he was right - I had the syndrome -- piriformis syndrome. Basically, I have irritation of my sciatic nerve and it runs near my piriformis muscle group and this causes "deep glutteal pain." I cannot write this without cringing.

My ass hurts and it affects my leg and it makes me cranky.

The last few weeks I have been dealing with a godsend of a PT (thanks J!) who is working to help me get over this and been fitted with orthotics in my running shoes. I can't say that I'm excited, "the syndrome" may be with me for a long time, better I suppose than a ACL tear, definitely not as sexy. I don't get crutches and I still spend time in meetings getting really antsy because its just not fun to sit down and feel your leg throb after about 15 minutes.

I'm still on track for my half in a few, my 3 day (pimping here) and to keep things active.

Just next time you see me, don't ask how my ass has been. K?



Luster said...

hey! I slipped a disc in my back about 12 years ago, which resulted in painful sciatic pain that ran through my butt to foot. Similar to what you're going through now. I too found movement to be the best, also did PT, but ultimately it was swimming, yoga, and constantly being on top of stretching, physical activity, and being good to my back. All in all, I just wanted to tell you things will get better. There was a time I thought I wouldn't know what it would be like to live without pain. That was in college! (I'm 32 now). I'm back to a spot that I live without will get better. Just be good to yourself and stay on top of it. Oh yeah, my PT also had massage therapy that helped so much. Keep the massage therapist!

Mony said...

I have a piri-belt I can loan you.
It is definitely about the un-sexiest piece of gear I own, and that includes my lumbar brace.

jk said...

how is this different from sciatica?
And leave it to mony to have the best comment.