Wednesday, May 07, 2008

dear internets

I am not very happy with myself. Without going into so much detail. I have realized that my weight issues are more than garbage in and nothing positive coming out.

yours fondly and in a pants size bigger than last summer,


banana republic -- i hate your vanity sizing
old navy -- i really wonder if you are truer to size


Mony said...

I feel ya...
haven't darkened the doors of Banana Republic in about five years, and probably didn't purchase anything since five years before that.

but I have GOT to stop dressing from R.E.I.

Anonymous said...

You could always come to Zelda's fat farm. Or we could send Zelda to you. Thanks for the tip on Banana Republic. I will do anything to get into a smaller size.

Mama Stephanie

Kathleen said...

If you wonder how I got here, I have a google alert set for "vanity sizing". Being a research scientist, you'll appreciate the reasoning -albeit proleptic- for my claim(s) that vanity sizing is a myth. Really.

Nice blog btw; I read you through February. Thanks for the lovely photos, snapshots a world away from my own.

J said...

Spring his here (late though it may be) and we have lots of walking to do. It will happen. Just be patient.