Thursday, May 01, 2008

May day


I'm happy to say that last month is over and this month is setting up to be pretty darn dandy.

Asparagus, apple blossoms, Alaska are all in the future.

I will also be back to regular blogging, especially now that chapter submission is over.


I'll leave you with this.

No desire to come in from the walk at lunch

Spend more time roaching, less complaining and sitting in front of this infernal machine or watching reruns on tv. Get out and take your dog for a walk.

You'll never guess what you may come across.

Then there were three

Three gnomes where once there was one.

I need a life, but frankly, I'm happy with the marginally pathetic one I have.

nm once, twice, three times a lady


Z said...

You sound SOOO much happier which makes me sooo much gladder :)

Mony said...

once, twice, three times a lady,
I loooooooove yo-uuu.

(rinse, repeat...)

you're baaack...