Sunday, May 10, 2015

Reading List

New Releases, Dec. 2011

I've been a terrible reader of late - mostly reading blog posts and short form pieces on leadership, growthhacking, personal growing, plant growing and what to do if you have six hours in Bratislava. I'm trying to get back into regular before bed reading.

Last year I bought a kindle Paperwhite - it was super on sale and I figured it would be a great thing to have for traveling. Our library has a great e-book selection, so I haven't bought a ton of books unless I really needed them, so the recurring costs have been minimal.

I have a love/hate relationship with e-books.  I love that there are no library fines and that they take up only virtual space. I hate that I have no idea where I am in the book and sometimes I can't even remember what I was reading.  I also love that I can sync what I am reading across all my devices - so what I read on my Paperwhite I can then pick up on my phone.

I do love that they are light, easy to transport and that I can throw a ton of stuff on the Kindle and it doesn't change the weight.

I just finished "Euphoria" for my book club and the "Power of Habit" is up next.

What is on your reading list?

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