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Sunday, August 09, 2015

The lost weekend

Ever had a weekend that seemed like it was going to be full of excitement and just ended up meh. 

One would think with the amount of sun and fun we're having here in the 98105 that this weekend would be no exception.

It was.  Thanks to a lovely set of clouds and precipitation that did not appear.

I'm talking a lot these days about the weather and it seems to be taking a toll on my patience.

I did get two books read - neither of which I will recommend, my vexing needlepoint completed and a lot of big pruning done. At least my once very sunny back yard beds will be more like partly shady beds.

 I heard a little of this on NPR this morning and I'm putting this book on hold stat.

I'm fascinated by the connection with how trauma, triggers or emotional distress earlier in life causes people to hold on to things both physically and mentally. It also makes me wonder if the KonMari will only work for really happy people who have no issues or think they don't. In any case, Mess looks like an awesome read.

The upcoming week seems to be much of the same old, same old and I'm getting tired of it.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Sunday wrap up

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For five seconds it felt like we were starting to a cooling trend in the 98105. Alas, we're back to a muggy 86 degrees for our high today.  It was a good day to stay inside and edit book chapters and read a few books.

I picked up a Kindle Paperwhite last year and I really like it, especially for travel. I do miss the feel of a book. Thumbing through a kindle via the notes is just not the same as thumbing through a book to find that bent corner or that check mark by something that you wanted to remember.

Books are also awesome places to stash boarding passes and receipts, try doing that in a Kindle.

You can judge a book by its cover and you will likely remember what you were reading if you could see the cover and it will spark your memory - the why and how you came about to select the book and when if you were to physically handle it.  My memory is often jarred by place and tactile sensations and the Kindle doesn't give me that pleasure.

My reading these days is all over the place - I'm reading a little about vegan main courses to get inspired for the fall,  a bit of gardening how to and lots of fiction.  This weekend I read a book that was a fast read but my guess will stay with me for a long time - Alex Shearer's  "This is the life" is an amazing and short read about the relationship between brothers and how it changes as the younger one takes care of his older brother as he undergoes cancer treatment.  It isn't a Jodi Picoult kind of book, but it will make you learn to accept that life is what it is - you can work to make it better, but sometimes you just have to accept your choices and make do.

Read it.

And after that, go visit my favorite bears fishing for salmon at Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park, Alaska. They are pretty busy right now.

What are you reading this summer?

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Reading List

New Releases, Dec. 2011

I've been a terrible reader of late - mostly reading blog posts and short form pieces on leadership, growthhacking, personal growing, plant growing and what to do if you have six hours in Bratislava. I'm trying to get back into regular before bed reading.

Last year I bought a kindle Paperwhite - it was super on sale and I figured it would be a great thing to have for traveling. Our library has a great e-book selection, so I haven't bought a ton of books unless I really needed them, so the recurring costs have been minimal.

I have a love/hate relationship with e-books.  I love that there are no library fines and that they take up only virtual space. I hate that I have no idea where I am in the book and sometimes I can't even remember what I was reading.  I also love that I can sync what I am reading across all my devices - so what I read on my Paperwhite I can then pick up on my phone.

I do love that they are light, easy to transport and that I can throw a ton of stuff on the Kindle and it doesn't change the weight.

I just finished "Euphoria" for my book club and the "Power of Habit" is up next.

What is on your reading list?

Friday, November 02, 2007

weekend reading

Geez, why not.

Actually, its four weekends or is it five until I go somewhere again. I should be happy. If I don't have my Holiday shopping done by November 15th, you can kiss my grits.

I'm in a contrarian mood today. I'm frustrated at the dog who had kennel cough and played with Ernest and whose owner was so gormless as not to tell us. I am trying not to be frustrated with Ernest, he didn't do anything but want to play. I am relieved in a way to be home as well, I have a presentation to put together for a meeting and now I'm not scrambling to get it done. TH has more time to work on her proposal as well, but still, beach, sand, sun.....

Ernest is also confused. He's not allowed to play with anyone for the next 10 to 14 days. That sucks. He's quite active, just sounding like crap. He doesn't know why he can't say hi to his buddies.

What is on tap for the weekend? I'm trying some new recipes, cleaning the now 10" pile of assorted papers off my desk to be filed, shredded and dealt with, planting 400 bulbs, deadheading and maybe a short walk/run in there somewhere.

I recollect signing up for some half marathon in November. I guess I should get ready for it.