Monday, August 10, 2015

Taking no prisoners

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Imagine if you stopped watching TV or surfing the net - you could do this to all your books!
I'm on the war path against my own complacency.

In the past, I've been willing to let a few dollars slide here and there because I couldn't be bothered to deal with the Customer Service reps or pushy salespeople desperate to upsell my already shoddy telecommunication services.  After my 2013 experience with Megapath cutting our DSL service because they just couldn't be bothered to deal with residential customers and neglecting to tell us this crucial bit of information until after they cut our service.

Four tiers of support tickets over one week to find out that they had just decided to disconnect our service and leaving us without internet.  Here's a tip - don't bother with Megapath.

We finally bit the bullet and installed cable.  The deal sounded good at the time (TV and moderate internet speeds) for about the same price we were paying for shoddy DSL.  We never used our cable to watch TV and the internet was faster than with DSL.  Over time,  our promo expired and our good deal went to a meh deal and then month after month, our bill crept up until it was approximately 100% more than our initial price for the same features.

Meh indeed.

I'm now toying with cutting the cord or dropping Comcast in favor of a new DSL provider. We are not in an area that is going to give us good DSL speeds, so no matter what we pay, we're limited by our phone line.  We never use our tv for real-time entertainment and stream most everything we watch using Amazon, Netflix and Hulu on Apple TV.

Ditto for our cell phone coverage - our bill has gone up over the years - partially because TH switched to a smart phone and partially because my work phone subsidy no longer exists.  I am using different sites to compare plans and pick one that will save us a few dollars without giving up too much.

My warpath may end up saving me 80 bucks a month or nearly 1000 bucks a year (you do the math) and that may just be worth all the deep breaths and polite conversation that it will take.

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