Saturday, February 10, 2007

Texture and contrast, March 2006, Seattle, WA.

What is happening?

I am very fine, thank you, just super busy.

Ernest and I did a nice bunch of walks today. Tomorrow I am sorry to say, he will not be joining me on the love 'em and leave 'em 5K, but we'll go to Greenlake earlier just to get him sort of tired. It doesn't really work. He will walk for three miles, come home, nap and then go for another three miles without even batting an eyelash.

Other than that, spring is springing here. Tulips, irises, crocus, witchhazel and forsythia are amazing to watch.

Bring it on baby.



Mary said...

Pei Wei is a great Chinese food place - do you have PF Changs? Pei Wei is the lower scale version of PF Changs and its wonderful!

beautiful pictures of your garden!

nm said...

Thanks, the garden is great.

We have a PF Changs,but I only go to it in california. I even have a gift card I need to use.