Sunday, February 11, 2007

a race a month, that is all I ask

Sometime last Fall, I agreed to walk a half marathon. I didn't really train, but we went and we did it. It was a very cool experience. After that, my friend J and my friend G and I decided that setting goals like this are a good way to keep ourselves accountable to each other and a fun way to explore new places. We made a plan to do a half marathon in September in Philly and we'll do a few more in more exotic locales.

This morning J and I met and did a fun 5K around Greenlake. Next month, we're doing a race for St. Patrick's day, the following month, we're thinking Vancouver and I'm even going to try and convince a group of bbq loving flyertalkers that a 5K in Kansas City will allow us to each drink one more beer.

So, our goal is to go from walking, to jogging to running. We'll probably not be the fastest peeps on the trail, but we'll have the most fun getting there.



Katja said...

Congratulations! I'm glad to hear you guys went through with it.

Laura Lohr said...

AWESOME GOALS. Sounds like the running bug has got you :-)

How did the 5k go?

Thank you for the comment on my blog!

Missy said...

5K was a blast :)

Starting to collect green-wear for the St. Pat's dash.

Z said...

So we can expect you for the Pittsburgh marathon then??? :)