Tuesday, September 04, 2007

the sounds of silence

Planning our next Ernest retrieval, we're getting bored of the usual routing.

It is so quiet here. If the boy wasn't in such good hands, I would be sad. Since he's running around acting like a dog, chasing rabbits, hiding from cats and walking the big walk, I'm content.

It was strange to not have to walk him this morning pre-gym, lunch, pre-dinner, post dinner and one more time because we may have missed something.

In that time I have managed to can 8 pints of tomato sauce, 15 pts of salsa and make a dinner we were able to sit down and enjoy.

Now, I am beside myself with boredom.

Good thing there are bills to shred.



Kerrio said...

If you are that bored.... I have a house that needs painting.....

Mony said...

I wouldn't trust myself to sterilize a mason jar, much less feel I was in the doldrums for lack of activity.
perhaps you need ANOTHER hobby

Z said...

Speaking of tomatoes, I HAVE to get the shakshuka on tonight, or the tomatoes will explode and then I'll feel bad.