Monday, September 10, 2007

this big old life

Still life with preserves, September 2007.

Things here chez flora and flying are fine, considering I'm leaving in a few days and other than barely fitting into the dress I wore to my other cousin's wedding last year, I'm pretty much resigned to a short trip to Greece that is no longer about Greece - Athens, Crete, Santorini, but about seeing my family - lots of them, and they just keep on coming.

Should be a hoot.

It is interesting to try and pack for three entirely different trips in one trip. A half marathon requires running/walking stuff, a wedding an entirely different set of clothes including shoes that you really can't wear with anything else and then clothes that you hope you don't spill taramosalata on because they have to get you through London and Paris as well.

Now if I can only get American to release me a seat to Chicago that doesn't require a change in London...

Enough of that, tonight we had four men over for dinner - a spaniard, two turks and the brother of mine. First of all, I had to wrap my head around the fact they eat more than we do. Second, they don't do coffee. Third, they don't eat as much dessert as women. However, we had a great time and I had no idea that real men eat tomatoes, and how!

We have recovered from Berkeley. I must call and find out how day one of yard clean out went.

Nothing much more to report, over and out.



Kerrio said...

Remember to pack something KuBrin proof! Kevlar sould do.

"The men for dinner" here is no prob - I am used to feeding Brian. And he has 3 brothers, and I have erm... (counting) 4 (I think?).

Sounds like fun though.

Z said...

I want a jar of that chunky salsa...bad.

Mony said...

Today my gold box had a pressure cooker and canning set that I didn't seriously consider it until I saw this post--the boxes of tomatoes at the produce stand are calling my name. Mario, uh, we mean mony, mony!

I call some of my recipes man-pleaser/kid-pleaser, such is my life (or was, pre-empty nest).
I got tickled over this post.