Sunday, September 30, 2007

two years on...

Still going strong, September 2007.
It is my bloggiversary (is this a word)?

How do I feel?

Not very excited.

Should I continue on? I wonder.

I get tons of feedback on flickr, but here, not so much. Are my pictures more interesting that my written word?

Again, I wonder.

It is a nice and rainy day here. It is the kind of rain that soaks you to the core. It is the kind of rain I fear for my half marathon next Sunday. Please do not let it rain like this, we have been blessed so far this year.

It is the kind of rain that makes you wish you had gotten up and planted those last fall perennials on Friday when it threatened rain, but you contentedly spent 15 minutes reading your book.

It is the kind of rain that cements the fact your tomatoes are done for the year and that you have some green tomato chutney making in your future.

It is the kind of rain that makes a basset hound do an about face without even visiting the front lawn.

I see many of these rainy days in our future.

I am not ready for Fall, but it is here and I suppose I'll make the best of it.

I hope you do as well.



J said...

It WILL NOT rain next Sunday.

That is all.

Love, J

Z said...

Happy Blogoversary...and I for one think you should continue on. I am so glad you DO blog because if you didn't I wouldn't have met you OR JK...two special people to me!

Kerrio said...

Happy blogversary.

I'm with Z.. I think you should carry on, were it not for you blog I'd never have met you and I'd have not stated my own blog either.....

And yes it's probably going to rain on saturday... here anyway.

Mony said...

glad you're back
fuck the rain

Em said...

Keep blogging! I don't usually comment, but I do stop by on a fairly regular basis.


Katja said...

Happy Blogoversary. I'd be happy to continue reading if you want to continue writing, but it's really about what you want to do.