Sunday, January 25, 2009


I have nothing to say of note. When I went back and read my live journal postings from 2007 I realized two things -- I have more to say there than here and two -- the more things change, the more they stay the same.

On the horizon --- five glorious days in Paradise. We're staying in two gay b&bs that came with great accolades, but my greatest fear is that there will be show tunes belted out randomly and card games and you know how I feel about that.
Oh yeah, after that there is that wedding thingie going on. I have dresses (note plural) and shout outs to B and TH who kindly gave thumbs up or down and Miss C. for finding which ended up being a great resource for this P shaped body --note the Beth Chapmanesque bobs.

Now, if only my new Choos will get here in time, I'm good to go.

nm ready for anything in a medium heel, light on the dressing.


Mony said...

gawd, I would be in trouble if an occasion came up when I had to don dupioni silk (or silk in any form!)

I should think you only have to worry about show tunes if there are men involved. Maybe you could fashion a floor request around no show tunes and see what the management does about that. Hee hee.
Now cards, that is a different story.

jk said...

hee hee...i love the way mony thinks. NM e'd me that there were even cards on the plane. nothing like the sound of shuffling all the way across the ocean. (of course, i grew up with that sound and kinda miss it.)

Carol said...

So you went for the Choos. There's nothing that lift a girl's spirits like a lovely fresh pair of shoes. We want pictures.