Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Today I was quoted in print.


I am glad I didn't say anything stupid.

It has been a really long week and because of it, I'm leaving early and going back to work.

I can't wait.

I did laugh my ass off with Yassi, drink way too much with Lori and finally meet the not so angry Joseph Stains, Tanner T. and their lovely apes.

I also gave two posters, one stressful talk and moderated two sessions, answered a few questions about assessing land use and land cover change, made some interesting contacts and ate way too much.

Yeah, my breasts are heaving and I'm okay with it. I can start exercising again and eating better to deflate the girls, but you can't capture laughter, hanging at the Valley HO! and gustoing mucho with the Stains with such ease.


Joe Stains said...

We loved meeting you!! Glad you had fun and tell Ernest he is welcome to come next time!!

Mony said...

Here is a pot rack that can fit into tight spots, allowing it to be hung out of the way and best of all, forces you to make the hard choices about which four to eight pots and pans you use the most!