Thursday, January 08, 2009

thursday suckitude

all that is left
Today sucked for various and sundry reasons, but overall when you think about Darfur, Gaza and the state of the economy, its a nano sucking day that really only affects me and those who hear me roar.

I'm wishing I could retrieve back the last three weeks, skipping the holidays and getting my brain back to normal. It feels like the last few months have been a foggy conglomeration of bits and bobs that slowed my brain down to molasses.

Well, short of being a short tempered cranky type A, I'm feeling better and sharp.

Now if I could only go to the gym.

Maybe next week or the week after. We'll see.

I'm off to pack for Phoenix. I have one poster session, one talk and two sessions to moderate. My sessions will be over on Tuesday and I can relax for the rest of the week. We have a taco truck excursion on Tuesday and some catching up with one of my best friends this weekend.



Mony said...

that's a big woohoo, catching up with friends

it will set your mind right

Maria said...

can you please get on facebook so I can read your twitter there?

Carol said...

Macaroons? In Seattle?

KSK said...

Hi - follow you on Twitter as I noticed you were a fellow Seattlite (and also follow Bonnevivante). Reading this post made me think of my summer/fall this last year - chemo-induced stupidity. Was hoping your fog was temporary and nothing to do with nasty medicines!