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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Sunday Musings - on Travel

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My friend Joan just posted to Facebook a great article from the NY Times on what makes a good travel companion - you can read it here.

I met Joan by posting on Flyertalk in 2000 (remember that far back?). I had posted that we were visiting Paris for a day and would like to meet up with anyone who wished to go exploring with us. Joan took a morning train from Brussels and we spent a delightful day wandering, eating and marketing.  From that trip a million miles ago, we've traveled to Paris again, London, Japan as well as the US. We talk about doing some more traveling soon. What made our trips work is that we have many of the same interests (quirky museums, eating, markets and fine hotel lounges), we have similar schedules and stamina for long days of walking and know when to give each other space.  We're also pretty good planners and communicators and this helps tremendously.  Joan is also the only person in the world who could get me to eat sweetbreads and I sort of liked them.

The past July, I took another short break with my friend Elaine to Paris. We had seen each other off and on over the years when she lived in London, but had never traveled together.  Again, we had a great trip because we had the same interests (sight seeing, shopping and eating), similar levels of energy and stamina and were mature enough to enjoy our own company.  I would repeat the trip again in a heartbeat.

Trips together don't require flying on the same flights or the same day, but they require some discussion prior to leaving to figure out logistics such as reservations at hard to get into restaurants and booking that burro ride down to the bottom of the gorge in 100 degree heat.  They also require a little flexibility, which can get harder as we get less flexible in our bodies and minds.

Where to go next?

Sunday, November 02, 2014

First Sunday

                                 515 PM - still light out, embrace it or go south. 

I love the first morning after Daylight Savings Time ends. I love getting up and having an extra hour of the day to do things.

When did we start doing things on Sunday?

Isn't Sunday the day our Protestant forefathers (yes, fathers) decided we needed to rest after a week of toiling? Come to think of it I did toil a little in the garden yesterday. 

Isn't Sunday supposed to be out relaxing, spending time away from devices, and reflecting on the week behind and thinking about the week ahead?

I'm tired of overachieving on Sunday.  I want my Sunday back. 

Maybe next Sunday.