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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The non-work day

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It is nearly 7 pm and I'm knackered and I'm not quite sure what I did today.

So far --
  • Worked out at the gym
  • Checked on parents (they say hi!)
  • Picked tomatillos at p-patch
  • Dropped off library books
  • Picked up stuff at drugstore
  • Went to grocery store  
  • Arranged a meeting for next week 
  • Worked on AMS Program planning 
  • Brought laundry in due to approaching thunderstorms 
  • Cooked a million things for the next few weeks (chile sauce, enchiladas, fig jam FTW)
  • Tried to walk dog
  • Cleaned kitchen after cooking all the things
  • Raked and general garden clean up 
  • Tried  to walk dog
  • Met with garden gate designer for final install 
  • Finally succeed at walking dog (pre-listing this because I really want the dog to walk)

It can get lonely at home. The dog is great company, but I feel that unless I get something concrete done towards the goal of finding a job, the day is a bust. Writing out what I have done makes things better, but I still wish I that all things accomplished towards making my life saner are good things.

While I enjoy human contact, I realize that I can power through my list if I limit my own interactions with the world - sort of my own heads down time - no social media, not running to Google every time I have a question and trying to run errands and perform tasks in a logical order.  I guess is it much like the ideal workday - Say hello to the dog, have a cup of coffee, power through the tasks, eat and repeat until it is time to call it a day without having to attend a standup or eat bad teriyaki at your desk.

The problem with working at home and doing home work is sometimes it is hard to know when end the work day. Even if you break off to have dinner, talk to your sweetie, spend time together walking the dog, it always seems that there is something left to do.

I'm trying to stick to my list and when it things are crossed off, I'm done.

There will always be more waiting for me in the morning.

And the dog just rang to go out.