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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Around the bend - the editorial calendar

The Garden at Great Dixter is a good place to take a nap, but it is not Paris. Highly recommended. 

I had some choice things to discuss today, but since today is nearly over and I just got around to writing, it is going to wait.

Maybe I need to start writing earlier in the day. Maybe I need to stick to my awesome, yet slightly out of season editorial calendar.  Why do I even need an editorial calendar?

Patterns are good. People like to know what is coming. The notion of expecting the unexpected is a in theory, much like when you hike and come across a marmot, but you knew that a waterfall was around the next bend because you were bright enough to look at the map before setting out. 

Editorial calendars set patterns– whether it is a Tuesday travel post or a weekly series of productivity hints that culminates a set of recommendations.  As a reader, you may have an inkling that Tuesday’s post may feature my suggestions for dining in Paris, so there is that waterfall you are expecting and sometimes you get the marmot that appears out of nowhere, like where I would go to take a nap in Paris when my hotel room is too far away.

I’m working hard to get to the waterfall over marmot in terms of creating interesting content without boring you to death or myself because I am struggling to figure out what to write.

When I walk the dog, talk to TH or look at my pathetic lawn (blog post soon), I get ideas for things that I would like to write about. Unless I write them down on paper or send myself a message immediately, those thought vanish into thin air only to be retrieved when something random comes up.

This is not the best way to operate.

So, back to an editorial calendar I go – nothing seasonal or kitschy, but something that works for me as a way to set patterns so that you can expect to see that marmot frolicking in the waterfall around the next bend.