Wednesday, March 01, 2006

another pathetic evening chez ff

JK says her life is pathetic. She went to a show last night. I bored my seminar with my discussion of mapping flood markers in Rome and now at 11:30 pm, I am downloading data onto my laptop to take on vacation.


No worries, TH is right with me, working on her talk for a meeting on Wednesday.

Very PoMo here. Dueling laptops with external harddrives. Me thinks next we need a roomba and an espresso machine.



jk said...

i didn't say pathetic, i said boring. i should have said pathetically boring.

that said, i did go out last night. to hear music, played by friends who are quite good at it.

Z said...

My life is grinding to a complete halt on the Earth's axis. Jury duty Monday. Let's all pray that I get dismissed before I have to appear.

nm said...

Tell them you watch a lot of court tv, majored in statistics in college, read six newspapers a day and love, love, love the idea of capitol punishment.

jk said...

admitting to reading newspapers will scare them.