Thursday, March 09, 2006

flat on the keester

Twice this week, the first time was last Friday morning going through the turnstile at the Gare du Nord Metro station, I went forward with my computer bag and my rollaboard did not cooperate. By the time we yanked it out, I went flying and landed butt first onto the landing. Very graceful.

Today I was watering some plants on our porch and standing on a picnic bench. I fell off and hit my back against the Franklin stove that used to grace our living room/dining room before the floors were done. I think if I had been anticipating the fall, it would have been worse. Good thing I was wearing a charcoal grey wool coat as I think I would be covered in soot and to the cleaners tomorrow. So, just call me grace, because this week I have proven to be not very light on my feet and happy to show it to the world.



Z said...

Good thing you didn't hurt yourself!!!! Ouch!!! And by the way, it's pineappleprincess. Things are just getting a touch on the weird side around here. I felt very comfortable around here...until now.

jk said...

There ARE people who call me grace, just for that reason.

jk said...

Or, maybe it should be: there are people who call ME grace, just for that reason.

can you tell that my brain is already in austin?

nm said...

I totally understand the Austin thing. My brain is at home with a heating pad and some aleve.

F*ck it. I'm leaving...