Sunday, March 05, 2006

not quite the wrap up to the weekend

TH is sick and is still in BRU. I think she tangled with something and honestly, it was better she just stay in bed today. I am quite used to travelling by myself, sometimes I prefer it. However,when I left her feeling miserable in the hotel room at 6:45 this morning, it felt strange, as if I was leaving part of me there.

She'll be flying tomorrow if she feels up to it. I can't thank the change desk in BRU enough for making some changes and getting her out tomorrow without the tortuous four hours that I have in JFK right now. It is too short to go anywhere and too long to sit here. The flight across was gorgeous - sunny across Belgium and France and England and beautiful when we made landfall in Canada. I got some really nice views of Long Island which is great since I'm currently working with that data.

The best thing is that I will finish that darn book before I leave here. Oops, I better go find something else to read.




jk said...

hope she's feeling better and on the plane by now! And that you're revived.

nm said...

she's on the plane, they blocked the seat next to her and she emailed me from the BA BRU toast lounge.

She bought even more chocolate!

Anonymous said...

were you in Europe AGAIN? How do you get the vacation time?
I just got back from Torino :-)

nm said...

If you work 12 hour days consecutively and weekends, you too can take two days off and go to Europe.


I know you have it in you and I need to see more pics.