Tuesday, March 28, 2006

New Year's the Roman way

My haft sin, March 2006 in Rome. Funny thing was that just down street (via) of our apartment was a Persian Rug shop with a lovely haft sin and a nice sign for Persian New Year. I purposefully walked that way daily just to see it.

I liberated my hyacinth (sombol) in the planter outside of our building. I will visit it sometime next Spring and hope it is flourishing.



Jenorama said...

Hey, what kind of researcher are you? And what is the interesting problem?

I am a medical editor, so I work on manuscripts and grant applications for family physicians. But I realize that may not be your area of research. :)

nm said...

Jen -- I didn't get to work on the big one, I was hired right after it. They needed bodies and I was one in the way. ;) I project manage and make products available for emergency managers and scientists and get prepared for the big one that may or may not happen some where at some time.

Its sort of fun, but sort of boring at the same time.

However, as you well know in science, funding can be very hit or miss, so I am happy to have full funding for the forseeable future.