Thursday, November 16, 2006

denial part 2

Oxo Tower, London- Remembrance Day 2006.

I am going in tomorrow for a fasting cholesterol test. My doctor tested my non-fasting and it was high. I am 41 years old and starting to fall apart. Something tells me next year will be about oatbran, saving more for retirement and pilates.

Maybe I shouldn't have had brussel sprouts with bacon and hazelnuts for dinner.




Z said...

Let me just tell you sweetie...I am on Crestor which lowered my cholestoral more than anything ever did and I am fine!! My mom died when she just turned 40 (like 6 weeks after!) so I don't care what I have to take. I also started a low glycemic load diet...and it's working. So there's a lot you can do and STILL be the true foodie you are :) Hugs :)

Mony said...

Do whatever it takes and don't look back. Have you had to have any crowns lately? That is what really got me. And R.Thuritis, darn it.