Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Three days before Saturday before Thanksgiving and a week before traditional Thanksgiving and I haven't done anything.


Must order flowers tomorrow.



maria said...

Did you really go to London for just 3 days? How do you handle the jet lag?

I hope you went to Providores.

nm said...

You bet your sweet self I went and had a great time.

No Providores, the Hyatt Lounge, costa coffee, sainsbury for a sandwich, cafe lazeez for dinner, laureate for dimsum and the ivy for dinner.


Mony said...

If I were you I would find a nice restaurant for Thanksgiving.

joanek said...

oh mony, they would never do that! I can't wait to hear nm's response!

What is the mony household doing for the holiday?

nm said...

ack, no mony, no restaurant, must be HOME COOKED, must slave, must polish silver, must cook goose and turkey, must must must.

or we will die.

and we do it again, on Thursday..

joanek said...

see, wha'd i tell you?