Wednesday, November 29, 2006

fabulous things

Quick post before blogger goes bye bye for the night.

I am five freaking hours away from my certificate. Not five course credits, five hours, 300 minutes.

Whoo hooo.

Trader Joe's now takes Amex. I can now ditch that MC that I only use for Hyatt stays and only use my Amex.

I am soo happy.

Other than that, check out ernest's new pics.

Ernest in November.

What a handsome boy he is.

I was going to expound on food - chile stew for what ails, hot chocolate and what not, but it is going to have to wait.



Mony said...

off the subject, but do you know anything about Seattle Academy of Baroque Opera, or Stephen Stubbs?
or heard a performance?

jk said...

Ditch the MC? don't do that, you'll still need it for hyatt promos.

nm said...


I haven't but I can look. Sounds like something that would be fun to find.

JK, I just want to stop using it as my main card. I want to track (yoikes) my spending using only one card.

For example, I only use my AS VISA for AS purchases. The mileage I accrue is minimal, but every ticket I book gives me 1000 miles, so even without trying, I make 15 to 20K a year. It is not cheap, 75 bucks a year, but it gives us a companion ticket that is usually worth about 700 bucks (confirmed first class to the east coast).

I am looking for a cheaper MC. It would be great if AA gave miles for tickets purchased like AS does (double miles for tickets).

Mony said...

I need advice. I am about to lose my little paltry Delta skymiles. Each family member has a few: son 19, 596;
daughter 11,477; me 15,538--no one has enough for a domestic flight.

any ideas about how to best use to get at least one Christmas flight home?

nm said...

You can probably for a small fee, pool your family miles. If not, you are all going to have start buying things - flowers come to mind to keep your skymile accounts active so that your miles do not expire.

All it takes is a bit of eshopping at the delta website.

Mony said...

Very good advice. Thanks.