Wednesday, December 06, 2006

helllllllllllooo out there?

Where are you people?



Meeting your deliverables?

Getting better?

I miss you.

Not much going on here. I have had many conversations with health care professionals on the state of my slowly filling with plaque arteries.

No sampling at Neal's Yard anymore, no white flour, no sugar, no nothing.

No biggie.

I managed to do something today that I never thought I would ever... I added a segment to my upcoming flight so that I would qualify without flying another round trip. Cost me 200 bucks, but no change in fare. Now, I get home 30 minutes after TH, but get to visit DFW as well.

So, dish, what is up with you?



jk said...

nothing is up with me. i'm just here, coughing and croaking.

nm said...

Get well before next week so that we can chat in person.

Must pick a restooo....


Mony said...

Painter here every day awaiting guidance for pulling off wood, storm windows, gutters, shutters, etc.
Running down rock bottom prices of replacement of same.
Picking colors and avoiding housework, busy, busy.