Wednesday, December 13, 2006

vacation notification

TH and I are off to London for a few, meeting up with JK, NKK and RK for some holiday fun.

We're using points for our hotel stays, even checking out the Park Lane Polonium. :)

Wish us luck.

More tomorrow.



Z said...

Man, I am SO jealous! Hey, I got your card. Talk about CUTE! Thank you!!! I told Ev it was from Auntie NM in Seattle. He must think he has the world's biggest fam! Hugs to all!

Mony said...

You apparently got out just in time. Hope your house is okay!
Did Earnest board? He's not blogging and I am worried about him.

nm said...

ernest is boarding and he probably even forgot we exist. he had a australian cattle dog (vida's cousin) as a room mate, so my guess is he is tired.

Mony said...

I know he's had full days. I recently learned about kennelroomies, and thought it would be a cattle dog's dream. As long as the other doggie didn't mind being herded.