Thursday, December 27, 2007

Decompression chamber

I am having a hard time relaxing, much to the irritation of TH.

I want to go go go, yet, my body is saying, relax.

This is nearly impossible for someone like me.

I am completely and utterly conflicted.

Off to attempt to nap, after an espresso.

more later


jk said...

i believe you just made your problem obvious: espresso. and a nap. don't go together. get rid of the caf, and perhaps you'll be able to relax.

J said...

you know whats good for putting you in a relaxed state? Sex. Just sayin.

Kerrio said...

Maybe the espresso is not such a good move. Tell you what - save them for me so they do not get wasted....

nm said...

Espresso does not seem to impede my napping.

Trust me.