Thursday, December 06, 2007

Trying to find the best present for my parents this year... a welcome home to Seattle basket? AAA membership? Gore-tex jackets? A dog bed for Ernest? A light box?

Attempting to not drive TH crazy by planning a trip to Drome and Haut Provence before she's done with the rest of her obligations including ten days of decompression after Christmas and really bugging her by suggesting she travel separately.

Motivating myself to haul ass to the Village to buy a new pair of jeans now. Mine are baggy in the butt and hopefully a size smaller will help, vanity sizing that is.

Wondering if I can leave the dog at home after this morning's consumption of yet another ornament.

Asking myself if I really am excited about 2008.

nm trying to forget that tomorrow is another work day


Mony said...

I love the AAA membership idea. I don't need to tell you the ways that my college student children have found to use (abuse and defraud) theirs...quite handy.

Kerrio said...

Hey - only read this today and you know what? TH is a PhD and it's Saturday!

Can life get any better.