Saturday, December 01, 2007

Lights at the hotel de ville, Paris, December 2005.

Taking a page from Kimberly McK's book, let us rejoice in the first day of December.

Snow fell today, not too much, but big fat flakes that frosted everything. It made for easy driving and a magical day if you weren't expecting to do any yard work. Kids dragged their friends out for a quick snowball fight and it made for some impromptu, if not micro snow people in our neighbor's front yards.

TH and I went Christmas tree shopping in the snow, not something that happens too often in the Emerald City. In our running of errands, we found parking downtown on the first go and everyone we had contact with was in a great mood. Why? because this snow will lead to rain and we'll be back to the Seattle damp, chill gray of December.

Right now, our house smells great --a fresh wreath is on the door and the tree is now covered in lights. Soon garland will festoon our porch and holly on our plate rail. Tomorrow afternoon, we'll see a covey of kids trying their hand at decorating sugar and gingerbread cookies. I'm sure the adults will also jump in do much the same. TH is relaxed and reading a book, something that has not happened in a while, she's also enjoying the first day of December with peace.

The holiday season has really started to kick in here chez f&f. Its not so much the shopping, the card writing, but the need to catch up with our friends who we see in spurts, some more than others, but miss dearly because life has been hectic. Sometimes, just the simple act of getting out of the house to visit sometimes seems monumental especially when you have deadlines looming and gardens to tend.

More importantly, for us, this year, its a time to be thankful that things are coming to a close in a positive way.

I hope the same for you.



megan said...

We found ourselves downtown today as well, we came to shop at the Urban Craft Uprising. The snow was collecting in the streets so we decided to put off driving home -- if the snow stuck we were going to find a hotel downtown. We ended up riding the monorail (for the first time!) while the snow fell. We shopped for baking supplies, had a look at the gingerbread houses on display in the lobby of the Sheraton and watched people ice skate. We drove home at a point where the roads were clear, but the snow was still looking all dramatic in the tree branches. It was one of those magical days, and I'm so glad to find you both had a magical day as well!

Kerrio said...

I am looking forward to Brian getting back and having 10 days off work....

Jennifer said...

I can almost smell the cookies in your cozy home! Hooray for getting ready for the holidays.