Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Not to feel dead old or anything.

I wonder if Lawrence Welk is on the comeback?

Busy here, well, not really too busy. TH is at work (its 10 pm people), Ernest helped sample lemon poppy seed shortbread and I'm too tired to even consider the ten holiday cards that Ernest needs to send out tomorrow.

Tomorrow, that is it, I'll do them tomorrow before work.

nm who wishes she could be misty mountain hopping with the rest of them


Mony said...

bring back the champagne music!!!!

and a one, and a two....

jk said...

actually, i think this would only make one feel old if the boys couldn't hold it together. And from all reports, they did.

KuBrin Kaos said...

Who is Lawrence Whelk?

Anyway - we took a decision this year and last to NOT send out cards. The pressure relief is amazing... quite liberating!

Keri (who wants to hibernate until christmas is over)