Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bullet points for the revolution

Saturday morning that could have been spent at home
Hi there internets!

Bullet points for Saturday night at the airport lounge.

Go see Juno.

I mean it.

Then buy the soundtrack and wish you were young enough or maybe old enough to appreciate Beat Happening in the day.

Some more things:

I made it through twelve odd days of travel without really using my credit card. Internets - can you believe it? I used it twice, once for my hotel near Orvieto and once in Rome. I paid cash for everything, including socks, toothpaste, food and pasta for the dog. That is the sum total of my heavily laden bags. Oh torrone as well, can you believe torrone can weigh that much?

I think my credit card company (I pay it off every month), is going to send out a search party. They miss me.

Other than that, TH and I are on our way to New Orleans. Eight long days in the Big Easy. Email me your restaurant suggestions internets (ehem, Jen). I need help.

We're there for work, not for pleasure, but it always helps to think that I may finally find a gumbo that I like. Forget the muffaleta sandwiches and the hurricanes, I'm not even going there.

Well, I'm off to hit the dunkin donuts and burrito beach before my next flight.

nm easing into the big easy one segment at a time


Mary said...

I'm not Jen, but been there w/her and I LOVED NOLA - that one is my personal favorite. I know she'll have other suggestions for you. Enjoy!!

Mony said...

eight days!?
that is a long time, plenty of time to see if the Museum of Voodoo is alive and well

we have a niece matriculating Tulane
I will make my second-ever visit in May to see her graduate, the first being in 1974.
my only memory is Blue Monday, Blue Monday...

Kerrio said...

Hope the easy life is working... one day you gotta try sitting still..

nm said...


You well know that is not happening until they bring the special coat for me.