Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just so you know its not all fun and games

To do before I leave

The not so fun stuff:

Meet with folks at Stennis
Finish book chapter outline
Finish up this meeting
Get ready for next
Repack to move to another hotel

nm blissed out in Nola


Jennifer said...

Man, you are in my HAPPY town. I bliss out on all that food.

I must recommend Restaurant August to you... one of my favorites (its about a block from the W) because unlike so much of the heavily sauced/fried/breaded NOLA fare, they have a focus on fresh (locally grown/raised, often) products and human-sized portions. I think you would like it - I can usually get by blissfully pescatarian while I'm there which is not a small feat in that town!

Mony said...

Find a Blue Monday.
well, maybe not....

Mony said...

Order your King Cake from Kellers
in Lafayette. That is, if you can. They're pretty booked.
Don't be messin' with anythin' else.

nm said...

I was thinking of there for Saturday night.

Left to go to is Stella! Last night was the waffle house (I know)...

I'll see if TH is up for August. It looked great.