Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Self Portrait, December 31, 2007, Rome, Italy.

Resolving to resolve less in 2008

Run a half marathon this year
Reduce my carbon footprint some more
Plant my bulbs earlier
Weed more frequently
Water less
Forgive more
Take more naps
Listen before talking or jumping to conclusions
Practice patience
Patiently practice what ever I am trying to learn
Smooch more

Happy New Year from nm, TH, ernest the puppy


Kerrio said...

All good plans.

Except the half marathon, I think I will skip that one.

Z said...

LOVE the picture :) You look quite impish and quite ready for the New Year!

Maria said...

I want to run a half marathon this year, too. Going for the rock-n-roll in June, or one of the two in Vancouver.