Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Things could be looking up, street sign, Montepulciano, January 2008.

I have nothing of note to say, sorry internets.

It is too damn cold here and it is now officially warm.

I am leaving for Hawaii on Friday (shut up) and hope to g-d its at least 75 degrees
and sunny. Yes, I have spf 50.

We have eaten two meals in a row at home and tomorrow means chicken enchiladas (ole).

Mony is back and better than ever.

Check her out.

Carry on.


Mony said...


Z said...

If it was Disney I'd hate you. As it is...thank you so much again for your wonderful and thoughtful gift to our boy :) And now that we're both somewhat back, maybe I can get back to blogging and commenting and generally just being me :)