Monday, August 14, 2006

blogging in two places

I'm testing out blogging for the world's largest frequent flyer message board right now. It's sapping up my brain power. That and Ernest and work and my weight and my lack of motivation to do something about my weight and the fact that I am surrounded by inertia.

So, excuse my lame post. I may just end up meme-ing for a while.

I'm having fun thinking about approaching the world of points and miles from the non-traditional view - I'm not a middle aged business man, a young go getting female consultant or the leisure hardcore mileage accumulator that will route themselves through Bali to get from Boise to Boston.

I'm just me, 30% of my travel is work related, the rest is fun. I buy a mixture of full fare and discount tickets, I am doomed to coach on occasion and more often than not, I don't travel with my laptop.

It has been fun.

Right now, I'm waiting for my dermatologist to give me a Rx for my moisturizer. I can't check this all the time.



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