Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Am I the only one who lost money today on the stock market?


Again, repeat after me "I'm in it for the long term- find your happy place".

On a happier note(?), I am going to see the doctor about my tubercular cough. Even my boss, who I believe was the initial disease vector remarked that I shouldn't be here sounding like I do.
Maybe it would be better if our group stayed put in Seattle instead of going to Bali, Australia, Guam, Hawaii and Boulder every freaking week and bring back foreign germs.


joanek said...

what lost money today? Only oil, as far as i can see. Which shot up so much lately that there's no way you could be behind your purchase price, unless you just got in.

For me "lost" is when it dips below my purchase. How do you see it? Just less than yesterday? If so, then get out of the market and buy some bonds.

nm said...


I have lots of bananas.

jk said...

oh, never gamble on something that could spoil before it gets to market. I learned that from my dad.
He also told me never to buy nylons or groceries with a credit card, because they'd be long gone by the time the bill arrived.

nm said...

Your dad was a smart man and we can see that with his smart kids.

So, you don't buy groceries with your credit card?


Z said...

I never look. I have a mantra. I don't retire for 27 years. I don't retire for 27 years. Don't look. Don't look.

joanek said...

i'm with z.
as for groceries with a car, when i'm flush, I don't. when times are tough, I have. Or if there's a zillion miles promotion.